About Us

Hi, I’m Jayson Lincoln owner and manager of “Head For Health” personal Training Studio at Randwick Australia . Staying in shape and showing others how to do the same has become my passion since starting in the health and fitness industry way back in 1994 as a personal trainer or I like to call myself a Health Consultant. During my career, I’ve helped thousands of people accomplish their health and fitness goals, shed kilos of excess of unwanted body fat, gain quality muscle, or improve their athletic performance health and quality of life. I has been featured in several magazines such as “OK Magazine” “Good Health Magazine” and regularly in our community Southern Courier. Some of my clients have been TV celebrity actress Kate Ritchie, professional football player Stuart Webb 60 Minute journalist Alison Langdon. At Head For Health we specialises in the following services: 12 week weight loss body transformations One-on-one personal training and, Small groups (6-8 people) semi personal training sessions

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Training Options


At Head For Health we recognises that every client is different, so depending on your goals, lifestyle, health issues and daily stresses is how we will structure your training, developing a  programs tailored to  your individual needs.

Personal training covers many topics from nutritional advice, cardiovascular training, resistance training (weights training), boxing, outdoor training, stress management.

Our comprehensive programs cover:

  • Nutrition- the foundation of all health and fitness
  • Supplementation- to fill in the voids in a client’s nutritional program
  • Resistance Training- increase lean muscle mass and metabolism
  • Cardiovascular Exercise- optimal fat burning
  • Core & Flexibility- to prevent injury, promote recovery
  • Coaching- knowledge, support, and accountability

As you progress we provide regular assessments, then adjusts your program according to the factors we identifies in your assessments, what you found challenging and what was working for you.




Semi Private Training (train with 2-3 other people): Semi Private Training was designed to make personal training more affordable to everyone.

You receive the same service as a one on one  personal training session and still geared around your goals but you share the time with 2-3 other people pricing can vary depending on how many sessions you do a week from $45-$35per session.

Sessions will include:

Includes a structured program with core stability, mobility, resistance program, HITT (High intensity interval Training program), dietary advice.